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Small Victories


Written by Zico

We finally got broadband internet in our house yesterday morning! Now we can finally do some serious work on our website. No more sitting and waiting for webpages to load, not to mention the hours it took to upload photos. And everything else we need the internet for, which in this day and age, is just about everything. Hallelujah!


Last night, we found the massive whiteboards we’ve been searching literally everywhere for. We’ve been to Tesco Lotus here in Satun, Office Depot in Hat Yai, Big C in Phuket, we even searched in Penang, but we couldn’t find the size we wanted. Who would have thought we would find them in a small stationary shop 5 minutes from our house. We almost couldn’t believe the prices for some of the smaller sizes, since we had seen the same at Office Depot for about four times the price. Score!


The shop couldn’t deliver yesterday so we went this morning to make our big purchase. Obviously, we weren’t going to be carrying these on the motorbike…


We picked up the samples of our staff t-shirts this morning and are happy with the results. What do you think?


In other news, a few days ago the boat builders started work on the extension to our upper deck and it’s progressing quite quickly.


Three days ago – starting work on upper deck extension


 Three days ago – starting work on upper deck extension – view from above






Quite a big change in just three days!

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