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The Dive Boat


Written by Zico
Dive Boat

Our boat builders have been working on our boat for just over 3 weeks at this point and they’re making good progress. Despite the language barrier, we’ve been able to communicate what we want through a mixture of body language, gestures and sound effects. This often results in laughter but at the end of the day, what matters is that we get the boat we want. It also helps that they are experienced boat builders who are able to translate ideas into reality, and who pretty much understand what we are asking for. Still a lot of work left, wish us luck!


This is the original boat, a traditional Thai wooden fishing vessel


The first thing we wanted to do was lower the floor of the entire lower deck. As you can see in this photo, the deck was quite high, which allowed for plenty of space to store the fish below. Space that we want to take advantage of!


There goes the first half of the deck


Building the new deck


Halfway there. After they finished this part of the deck, they proceeded to do the same with the rest of the deck, getting rid of the cabin in this photo in the process.


Ta da! Our new deck


Another view of our new deck


The back of the boat, one month ago


We got rid of it all…


This will lead to a platform where divers will enter the water


The upper deck


Still a work in progress…


This is a swallow’s nest that we found on our boat, apparently a sign of good luck. Let’s hope so!


The pier leading to our boat


And here we are, surveying another day’s work

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